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Botanical Name:  Brush and Stump Killer

Notes:  This powerful, formulation works on the toughest weed species, yet is harmless to grass. Can also be used to kill tree stumps. You can expect to see results with just one application. Brush and weed killer - kills a variety of brush, woody weeds and vines such as poison ivy, poison oak, kudzu, wild blackberries, chickweed, dandelion, clover, thistle and over 240 other tough weeds Stump killer - poison ivy and brush killer can also be used for tree stump removal simply apply the undiluted product directly to the entire freshly cut stump with a paintbrush Safe for grass - designed to kill brush and a variety of weeds, not lawn grasses when used as directed it kills broadleaf weeds in lawns, roots, and all Residential turf use - poison ivy and brush killer is meant for use on Bluegrass, Fescues, Rye, Bent, Bermuda, Bahia, and Zoysia Lawns Easy spray application - product instantly mixes with water and should be applied using a tank or hose-end sprayer carefully read and use according to label directions