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Botanical Name:  Cupressus arizonica

Notes:  The Drought Tolerant Evergreen is our toughest plant. This tree will grow very quickly into a dense, impenetrable barrier that will block wind and snow and give you privacy from neighbours and roads. It is so drought tolerant that once established it needs no help from you at all, no matter how hot and dry things get. It grows so rapidly that within a very few years you will have a beautiful tough screen giving you the protection you need to enjoy your yard. The Drought Tolerant Evergreen also makes a great specimen plant in a lawn or in a low-water garden and it is very easy to grow, resistant to pests and diseases and can easily be trimmed to keep it at the height and shape you want it to be.

Wind TolerentWaterSun
Yes Once established, water deeply, occasionally more in extrem 6 hours